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What's the best time to buy a Swimming Pool?

Should I wait to buy my pool?  Hmmmmm...

 I saw this posted by a guy I know and I couldn’t have said it any better…

 Many of you reading this right now know you’re likely getting a pool this year. Yep, you’ve finally made the decision to ‘take the plunge’ (lots of pun intended). This being said, most of you are going about this whole ‘pool buying thing’ the wrong way.

Why We Delay…


How so Marcus? Good question, and I’m happy to answer ;-). Right now, when you look outside, you see cold. There are no leaves on the trees. There may still be snow in your yard. And your heating bill is likely making you a little nauseous come the end of the month.

And because of all these factors, you’re delaying and putting off a purchase that before you know it, will hit you on the head like a hammer in about 60 days. If I had a dollar for every time a customer has told me over the years, “You mean you can’t start for 2 months??!!!”, I’d be a rich man.

You see, by the time March rolls around and the temperature crosses the 70 degree mark, all of the sudden our brains come out of hibernation and we start realizing we ‘better take care of that pool’. But because pools sell so heavily during the initial warmer months, the back-log can be substantial.

To give you an example, last March our company sold about 15 fiberglass pools. In April we sold about 12 more. Needless to say, we got pretty backed up, which may have been a bummer for those persons who procrastinated their decision to meet with ‘the pool guy’.

I’m sure by now you get my point, but allow me to simply list 5 reasons why you need to buy your swimming pool in January/February versus waiting until after March 1.

1. You’ll likely spend more money if you wait: Look, it’s my job to be honest with you on this blog and this is as honest as it gets. When demand is high, prices are high. When demand is low, prices are low. That’s just how it works. My point? Take advantage of demand! (or lack thereof in this case)

2. You’ll have to wait longer to swim: It’s nothing to get 8-10 weeks backed-up after March. So many people base their buying decisions on warm weather that the flood of sales means that instead of ‘pool guy’ starting as soon as the permit is ready, he can’t actually start for 45, 60, or even more days. This, as you may well imagine, can end up cutting into your swim season.

3. Your yard will have a chance to heal: pool construction is messy, make no bones about it. After final grading, grass will need time to grow. For those persons that get their pool installed earlier, their yard will look much, much nicer come June 1 compared to the person that waited to make a decision.

4. Less stress: It’s funny how stress-free early season installations are. Homeowners aren’t worried about swimming and so everyone can just relax and enjoy the process for what it is. But let it get hot outside and have the kids asking every few minutes, “Can we swim yet?” and you’ll wish you had acted sooner on your swimming pool purchase.

5. You’re not so rushed: Who wants to be rushed when it comes to spending 30-70k on a swimming pool? I don’t know about you, but I like to feel like I’ve got my wits about me when I’m making such a decision. By shopping for a pool now, you can make a relaxed and informed decision, and not base your thoughts on silly stipulations like ‘which company can start the soonest.’

So there you have it folks. I hope this little list helps you in your efforts to have an enjoyable pool buying experience in 2013. In our area we run into the same issues and have the same back logs so shop early to avoid any issues in your schedule.

Happy Swimming!

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