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Go ahead and relax. Let your mind wander. Savor each and every moment. Celebrate life. Start your Sundance lifestyle today. You deserve it.

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At Sundance Spas, we think you should do more of what matters to you!

With more than 35 years of experience crafting quality spas, we take pride in helping people spend time meaningfully. So go ahead and relax more. Let your mind wander. Savor each and every moment. Celebrate life. Start your sundance lifestyle today. You deserve it.

Sundance® Splash™ Series

As the most innovative spa company, we’ve created the Sundance® Splash™ Series to bring more families together. Boasting the best affordable solution without sacrificing what’s important to us, these spas open the door for everyone to make family time part of your daily routine.

680™ Series

The portable spas in the 680™ Series provide a classic hydrotherapy experience and a wide variety of options. From 2-person hot tubs to larger, 6-person or more models, the 680™ Series has a spa for everyone.

780™ Series

The 780™ Series is designed to enhance your life. We combined new technologies with old-fashioned know-how to craft intuitive outdoor hot tubs that are a delight to use, with low profiles and a variety of seats to create the perfect oasis.

880™ Series

See why more Sundance® spa owners buy again and again

We didn’t invent the first outdoor spa, but we’ve made it better. That’s why we’ve given the 880™ Series the best of everything.

980™ Series

Founded upon the elements you love from your favorite Sundance® spas and Laced with the quintessence of design and style, the 980™ Series will change the way you connect, relax and use your spa.

Available Spa Options

Custom Spa Covers

Need a cover for your current spa? Beattie can get it! Send us your information using our custom order form below, and we will contact you with details. We can get you a cover for any make, any model in no time!